Systems Logic
by Alice Alexandra-Sofia

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December 3, 2017

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December 2017 - The Blessing in the Night


1. Works devoted to the Christian teachings – the theological framework of my research, within which I created the systems logic

The Law of God


The Absolute

The Works of God

The Discernment 

The Mind


2.  Works concerning systems logic and its applications

Introduction to Systems Logic

Current Methods of Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense and Systems Logic - Selected Blog Posts 

Comments @ The Net

3. Theology, philosophy, heathenism, general matters

Works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Fascism, and Nazism. Ideology.
[Reprint from my book ,The Invincible Empire, part of Chapter 8]

Ancient Civilizations: Legacy Overview    

The Vineyard and Its Lessons


Philo of Alexandria

Works of Augustine of Hippo

”Metapsychology” and Other Ideas of Sigmund Freud – Critical Analysis 

The World and The War. Part I.  Introduction. Ecumenism. Materialism

3. Collections of the files previously posted @ websites of THE NET:


to be continued...

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